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Sales Services We Provide

Midlands Estate Sales provides several types of sales, each designed to meet the individual needs of our clients.  

Estate Sales
An estate sale, sometimes called a "tag sale", is an "In-House" on-site sale of personal property.  It usually takes us approximately two weeks to prepare an estate sale.  During this time all personal property to be placed in the sale is identified, inventoried, priced, tagged and staged.   We also begin advertising the sale on-line and in print. The sale itself is conducted over a three day period (Friday-Sunday).  Any items that do not sell in the sale are normally liquidated, with owner approval, usually through local auction houses.  The proceeds from this liquidation are then added to the proceeds from the sale.

Liquidation Sales
In many instances our client's circumstances do not lend themselves to conducting an estate sale.  This happens most often when a client is downsizing and wants to sell what they do not plan to take with them.  For these clients a liquidation sale is usually employed.  This type of sale involves packing and moving all items to be liquidated and transporting them off-property to points of sale.  These points of sale most often involve one of our subsequent estate sales and/or Columbia-area auction houses.

On-Site Auctions
In limited circumstances an on-site auction may best fit a client's situation.  This normally involves estates where insufficient time is available to schedule and conduct an estate sale and the size of the estate is better served by an auction rather than a liquidation sale.  It usually takes approximately two weeks to prepare for an auction. The auction is held on the property and normally completed in a day.  We will arrange to have a licensed auctioneering company conduct it.  Any items not sold in the auction will be liquidated, with owner approval, and proceeds added to those from the auction.

EBay Sales
We conduct EBay sales for those clients who wish to liquidate relatively small, high-valued items which will likely generate higher proceeds if sold on-line as opposed to being liquidated locally.  Our EBay specialist is brought in for these situations and can identify items that are best suited for this sales approach.  Items we place on EBay are marketed to viewers worldwide.  Sales to bidders across the US and in Europe and Asia are commonplace. 

Sales to Individual Buyers 
Some items will often bring higher proceeds if sold directly to individual buyers, particularly to collectors and dealers, many of whom we have gotten to know during our time in the business.  Craigslist, Letgo, Facebook Marketplace and similar online sites are used to advertise items to individual buyers.r time in the business.  Craigslist,

If you have any questions about the types of sales we offer please don't hesitate to contact us.
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